High Yielding Hols

Happy New Year, you all! Wish you a wonderful year ahead, a whole year to enjoy!

Recent holiday I spent at home, doing nothing and everything. For once rejecting every Christmas gig, rarely hit the street (crazy traffic anyway), taking a lot of sleep, and enjoying my time. But those things would’ve bored me to death after a week. Thankfully I got my craft and e-books. And boy, I’ve never finished more projects than I did last hols!

Early December, a friend was asking help for raising fund for children. He asked if I could make some small things that could be sold easily, and I thought this is it! This could help me on getting rid of those odd balls and scraps. Soon I went collecting patterns and having lots of fun! Here they are.


My first shot was a wrist band. It was very stylish, but a bit too complicated for fast production. I really like the macho rim, so next time I’d like to modify the middle pattern but still using the rim pattern to make some wrist band for boys.


This should’ve been a string of little pink heart for necklace, but the yarn was too soft and small so the hearts were almost invisible. Thankfully the length was just right for headband, so a pretty headband it is πŸ™‚ quite a unique pattern, really enjoyed the outcome.

A pair of waist band were next. I was experimenting with simple cable pattern for bracelet which turned out like a pretty braid, so I didn’t want to stop too soon πŸ™‚ And the striped belt were so easy to make and come out so cute!


Another shot on wrist band, this time trying a basket-weave pattern. Very nice pattern on sunny color.


A coin purse was crochetted without pattern, just making it up as I went. Turned out just okay.


A two-colors cabled headband, using the Shriver Scarf pattern I’ve done before, just scaling it down. Love the shocking colors, would look dashing on a brunette.

A small, diagonally knitted bag was my old favorite, very beautiful on variegated yarn. Basically it was a bias rectangle, easily tailored for any size once you figured out the pattern. Between the coin purse and this bag, at last this yarn was no more. One down! πŸ˜€ By this time, holiday was over. But the fingers refused to stop and so continue on…


This is my first craft this year : a wrist bag which turned out a bit too big for wrist πŸ™‚ I used my grey scraps, paired them in random and knitted them two strands at a time. Modified the pattern so I made this in round using dpns, so that less sewing needed. Still happily cabling. Cute!


A cat-eared beanie was also made with two yarns in one go, started with vermillon and peach. Sadly the peach run out too soon, so I put on soft pink to continue. Thought it wouldn’t show but it definitely did. Well, the hat was still cute – though the color made it more piggy than feline :p – so I think it was fine.

A crochetted round shoulder bag, the accent colors were using scraps. A simple and quick project, exceptionally beautiful result. The body was made with two strands, the lace edging were using single strand for more airy look. Sweet, don’t you think? I think I’d make again in another color.

Lastly, just gotta show off this one. My circular shrug was finished before hols. Not bad, done in only about 3 weeks. Too bad the cast-offs were rather too tight, but I think I could block and stretch it somehow. Got lost once or twice while making it, but thank the Knit-a-long project from Lionbrand, I found my way back. It included unravelling around 7000 stitches, but no worries, it’s fine now πŸ™‚


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